Sandoval: ‘We’re only going to spend the money we have.’

Victor Joecks

One of the most important takeaways from Gov. Brian Sandoval's interview on "Face to Face" with Jon Ralston is this comment at 1:30.

(Update: The embedded video is crashing the site. You can view the video here. You may have to scroll through some old episodes. Look for Face to Face block 2 – 01/07)

[Making a pitch to a potential business looking to move to Nevada]

Sandoval: Unlike other states, we're taking the prudent approach, which is we're only going to spend the money that we have.

Our Economic Forum in our state has said we have $5.33 billion to spend. We're going to stick to that. We're not going to tax you.

You're leaving a state that has just increased taxes. You're leaving a state that's been, [where] you've been over-regulated. You should come to the state of Nevada where you will have a stable tax policy, where you'll have a stable business environment…

As part of Gov. Sandoval's commitment to making Nevada more business-friendly, his first executive order was a one-year freeze of new regulations [PDF].

Sandoval's comment on the budget gets right to heart of the tax-and-spend debate. As NPRI has noted previously, controlling taxes means controlling spending, and many of Nevada's current budget problems are the result of the per-capita, inflation-adjusted, 30 percent spending increase the Legislature passed in 2005 (p. 6).

Public comments are no guarantee that Gov. Sandoval will present a $5.33 billion budget or that he'll stick with his no-new-taxes promise, but he's certainly making all the right arguments.