Sandoval’s education plan based on proven reforms

Victor Joecks

One of the most exciting parts of Gov. Brian Sandoval's State of the State speech was the vision he laid out for education in Nevada. Gov. Sandoval's plan includes the following: end teacher tenure, give parents more choices through vouchers or open enrollment, end social promotion, grade the schools and institute a limited pay-for-performance system.

The good news for Nevada's parents and children is that similar reforms have worked wonders in Florida. Under the leadership of then-Gov. Jeb Bush, Florida instituted many of these reforms in 1999. And the results speak for themselves.

So will these reforms work in Nevada? Gary Peck, Executive Director of the NSEA, and I debated that question yesterday on Face to Face. Video after the jump.

Notice how Gary keeps changing the subject when Florida's education reforms come up. The above reforms have increased student achievement in Florida and would increase student achievement in Nevada. Why doesn't he want to talk about them?

Most of the facts I reference are in these two documents: Fact sheet on Nevada K-12 education: Funding and Fact sheet on Nevada K-12 education: Reforms.

Be sure to watch the second segment as well.