David Tuerck Ph.D.

Recent Work

Power plant proposal would hike burden on Nevada ratepayers

October 6, 2015

Nevada’s electric monopoly, NV Energy, has asked the state Public Utilities Commission to approve a controversial proposal to build a new 706-megawatt natural gas power plant that could cost up to $1 billion.

Compared to the alternative of purchasing natural gas power from existing power plants, the marginal cost to ratepayers of NV Energy’s plan for a new power plant would be $115 million in 2020 alone.

Building the new power plant would reduce employment by 1,614 jobs, and lower investment in Nevada by $18 million. Electricity rates would increase by 3.2 percent, costing the average consumer each year an additional $31 and the average industrial rate payer $9,970. From 2020-2025, the increased cost to ratepayers will total $604 million.

A TASC for Nevada

Economic benefits for the Silver State of TASC-style spending control

March 1, 2007

Legal constraints on government spending redound to the benefit of the economy and substantial improvements in living standards.