John Dougherty

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State Board of Equalization adopts controversial property-tax regulation

Critics call new rule unconstitutional and expensive

March 3, 2010

A new rule adopted by the state Board of Equalization — aimed at ensuring fairness and equitability in property-tax assessment — is rife with flaws, critics say.

Tax board schedules dubious ‘quick-fix’ for property-tax system

Experts suggest scheme is illegal, ineffective

February 26, 2010

Property-tax experts believe the proposed plan to address the state's problematic assessment system would not only be ineffective, but is illegal as well.

Property-tax conflict enters Nevada governor’s race

Montandon calls for system overhaul amid record number of appeals

January 28, 2010

Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike Montandon has called for an overhaul of Nevada's property-tax system.

Flying blind on property taxes

Equalization rules still not finished after three decades

January 7, 2010

For nearly 30 years Nevada tax officials have failed to meet their constitutional requirement to develop and implement regulations ensuring that property-tax assessments are equalized statewide.