Robert Schmidt Ph.D.

Recent Work

NPRI's 2007 Roundtables

Career & Technical Education in Nevada

April 1, 2007

Many of Nevada's high school graduates are more inclined toward - and perhaps better suited for - an education that emphasizes technical and practical skills, rather than academics.

Teaching the Forgotten Half

Career and Vocational Education in Nevada's High Schools

October 1, 2006

For years, Nevada's public education system has ignored the particular nature of its community job base.

Does School District Size Matter?

January 1, 2006

Recent studies suggest that students, teachers, parents and taxpayers are all better off where school districts are smaller in size.

Nevada's 2003 Tax Increases

Underlying Assumptions and Resulting Impact

January 1, 2005

Tax collections are running far ahead of Task Force estimates, while many programs are requiring less money than forecasts suggested.

NPRI Education Roundtables

A Report by the Nevada Policy Research Institute

July 1, 2004

Can money alone cure the problems that ail Nevada's educational institutions?