John Dobra Ph.D.

Recent Work

A Beginner's Guide to the Politics of Power

Essential Concepts in the Restructing of Electrical Utilities Made Understandable

June 3, 1998

The deregulation of electrical utilities is coming. Nevada's legislature is likely to address this issue in some fashion during the 1997 session, and return to it in the 1999 session. Many legislators voiced concerns that Nevada will be left behind: several neighboring states, including California and Oregon, have already begun the deregulation process.

Hardrock Mining Royalty Issues

June 14, 1993

As the U.S. Senate contemplates an 8% royalty on mining (bills proposed by Senator Dale Bumpers of West Virginia), Dr. John Dobra, Senior Research Fellow for Nevada Policy Research Institute, was called to testify before the Senate Committee on Mineral Resources Development and Production.

Congressional Testimony on the U.S. Mining Act of 1872

May 20, 1993

Possible changes made to the U.S. Mining Act of 1872 -- a statue that has encouraged prospecting, development and extraction of minerals in the public domain for more than 120 years -- would introduce an 8% gross proceeds royalty on hard-rook minerals extracted from Federal land. The Clinton budget proposes a 12.5% royalty.

Nevada's Fiscal Crisis

Where Did All The Money Go?

April 8, 1993

Nevada's current budgetary crisis consists of $170 Million in revenue shortfall.

Nevada lacks a unified budgeting and accounting system which would allow its citizens to take a comprehensive look at the state's finances. It is difficult for experts, let alone the typical voter, to figure out how much money we really have and where it goes.