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Long and bitter tax-appeal season expected

Tax commissioner: Legislature no help

December 29, 2009

Nevada Tax Commissioner Hank Vogler says economic reality could force state lawmakers to enact fundamental reforms to Nevada's property tax system.

How to appeal your property-tax bill

System requires action before tax actually levied

December 17, 2009

You must appeal before you actually pay the tax.

Why your property taxes rose when the property’s value fell

Lawmakers’ 2005 ‘relief’ bill was badly written, most likely unconstitutional

December 15, 2009

The 2005 "relief" bill was poorly written and is probably unconstitutional.

Board of Equalization reschedules hearing

Session expected to shed light on assessment methods

November 27, 2009

A hearing to discuss property appraisal methodologies has been delayed until early 2010.

County assessors fight state request to appear

State Board of Equalization members discuss subpoenas

November 20, 2009

Assessors are refusing to answer questions about whether property within each county is fairly and equally taxed.

Nevada’s property tax shaft

More egregious than the public realized

November 17, 2009

Evidence shows that state regulators are misapplying basic appraisal principles. And you're paying for it.

For more than a decade, Nevada tax panel breaks law

State continues in ‘dereliction’ of duties

November 5, 2009

The Nevada Tax Commission has yet to issue a statutorily required tax-policy manual.

The birth of a rebellion

Why Nevada’s property-tax system may soon crumble

October 29, 2009

A Washoe County property-tax revolt that threatens to implode Nevada's entire property-tax system began with a single phone call.

Stage set for property tax showdown

Washoe County controversy only 'tip of the iceberg'

October 5, 2009

The seven-year, no-holds-barred, legal battle between Washoe County and Incline Village property owners will reach a crucial turning point Tuesday.

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