Sen. Kieckhefer ‘supports balancing the state budget with existing revenue’

Victor Joecks

So reports the Review-Journal:

Kieckhefer said he is "very friendly" with Gov. Brian Sandoval and supports balancing the state budget with existing revenue.

"We need to look at the state as a whole," he said. "See how much we have in tax revenue and how it best can be spent." [Emphasis added]

This isn't the first time Sen. Kieckhefer has said this, either. On the Nov. 13, 2010 episode of "To the Point," he told Anjeanette Damon this. (Video after the jump):

Damon: Is there any circumstance under which you would vote for a tax increase?

Kieckhefer: Not that I can envision right now. The governor has said he's going to put forward a budget that does not raise taxes and I'm obviously a strong supporter of Brian Sandoval. I think he's going to be an excellent governor and we'll be evaluating his proposal that will not have tax increases.

There's a big difference between saying and doing (not just for Kieckhefer, but for all politicians committed to limited government and not raising taxes, starting with Gov. Sandoval), but this is encouraging for taxpayers.

The proof is in the pudding, but if Sen. Kieckhefer and his liberty-minded colleagues in the Senate (including Sen. Lee?) hold fast, it will be impossible for leftists to raise taxes this session.

The above exchange starts at 4:34.