Sheila Leslie admits she twice voted to double a ‘disincentive to hiring’

Victor Joecks

Now she tells us.

“We are one of the few states left that has no corporate business tax,” Leslie said. “We have a modified business tax which is a disincentive to hiring.”

Unfortunately for taxpayers and private-sector employees, as an assemblywoman and senator, Leslie voted twice to double the modified business tax, which is basically a payroll tax.

This means that Leslie voted twice to double a “disincentive to hiring.” In the state with the nation’s highest unemployment rate. In the state that was probably hit hardest by the housing bubble. In a state desperate for jobs.

Is the modified business tax the only reason Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the country? Of course not, but it is a factor – one that’s been admitted to by Sen. Steven Horsford, union bosses with the NSEA and AFL-CIO and now Leslie.

Unfortunately for taxpayers, Sen. Greg Brower, who is running against Leslie for state Senate, has already announced that he’ll support Gov. Brian Sandoval’s plan to extend the “sunset” taxes, including a doubling of the MBT for another two years. This is especially disappointing, because Brower stood with taxpayers and voted against the tax increases in 2011.

I don’t know who’s going to win the race between Brower and Leslie, but I know who’s going to lose. Taxpayers, especially those who are unemployed.