Special Session: Day Two

Karen Gray

Good morning ESA friends!

We are entering into Day Two of the special session. 

While the ESA funding issue, as you know, is not on the agenda, it certainly is the topic of discussion in legislative halls and doorways.  And folks, that’s because Nevada parents and community are making their voices heard!

Believe me, you are sending a message! 

Governor Sandoval’s Facebook page is lighting up with comments from parents and everyone in Carson City is taking note, I’m told.  Twitter is all abuzz with support for ESAs, too. Apparently, those distinguished folks at the Capitol are now big-time social-media people. They monitor Twitter and Facebook all day.

I’ve been asked what difference does it make to voice your opinion if ESA isn’t on the agenda?

My first response is, it always matters when constituents voice their opinions.  After all, the elected folks are legal agents of the people and so they’re ultimately subject to our will. And this means they must know the will of their constituents.  Even if some people say nothing can be done until February — though others think something can be — that’s no reason to not send your message now.

Secondly, you never know who is doing what to support your position, in this case, funding ESAs now.  For instance, yesterday while watching the special session online, I witnessed Treasurer Dan Schwartz talking to various lawmakers during a break.  Folks, he and others are still fighting for the 8,000 children hanging in limbo.

Yes, the ESA program and 8,000 children were sidelined in this special session. Getting an ESA amendment may or may not happen, but folks are still fighting for our kiddos.  Treasurer Schwartz is fighting hard.  Many legislators support ESA and funding the program now.  ESAs are a cornerstone of Governor Sandoval’s education reforms, and the Governor still says ESAs are a priority.

Legislative work is still ongoing through committees. Perhaps, a solution can be found there.

If you want to keep the ESA conversation moving, keep those tweets and posts going to Governor Sandoval and every lawmaker. And be sure to lift up the voices of others you agree with by retweeting and sharing their comments and thoughts. Tagging the Governor and lawmakers will also help amplify your voices.  Using the hashtags #NVleg and #LetOurChildrenSucceed are also good ways to be noticed.

Oh, my friends, your voices are being heard!  

Here’s how you can contact the legislative leadership and let them know your thoughts.


You may remember, Senator Roberson was a supporter of the exemptions for military and the under-seven kids during the regulation process.  I’m sure he would welcome hearing your support for ESA.  

Phone calls and emails are also good ways to send your opinions.  Share your opinion through all available means, calls, emails, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.  You can find a directory of emails and phone numbers for state Senators here and the Assembly Members here.  

Here are a few twitter handles I’ve identified on #NVleg: @SenPFarleyNV , @hammond4nevada, @beckyharrisnv, @Ben_Kieckhefer, @Jones4Nevada, @RubenKihuen, @VictoriaDseaman. NevadaESA.com is working on gathering more twitter handles and Facebook pages.  If you know of any, feel free to email them to me.  I’m not so good at this social media stuff and welcome all the help you can offer.

You can share your thoughts with Governor Sandoval, by email at http://gov.nv.gov/Contact/Email-the-Governor/ , by phone at 775-684-5670, on Facebook or Twitter at @GovSandoval

Keep the conversation going!  Make your voice heard!