George Balaban

Board Member

George Balaban is the president of Desert Cab Inc., a company originally acquired by his father in 1964 with only one taxi. The company had grown to nine taxis when Mr. Balaban took over in 1979, and now has 150 taxis. The business is owned equally by Mr. Balaban, his brother and his sister.

Mr. Balaban was born in San Diego, Calif., in 1958. He moved to Las Vegas shortly after that, but moved back to San Diego, where he lived from the ages of seven to 13. After spending his high school years in Wisconsin, and then heading back to San Diego for college, he moved back to Las Vegas in 1979 and has lived there ever since. He attended both San Diego State University and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Mr. Balaban is a member of the Keystone Corporation, the Las Vegas Country Club, the UNLV Golf Foundation, the UNLV Football Foundation and the UNLV Educational Foundation He and his brother also started On Demand Sedan and Limousine Company 10 years ago, and the business has grown to approximately 100 vehicles.