Steve Hardy

Board Member

Steve Hardy was born and raised in Los Angeles and moved to Northern Nevada in 1981. He was the President and Founder of Zephyr Associates, which licenses portfolio analytical software to over 1,000 major institutional investor clients, including pension plan sponsors, money managers, consultants and financial advisors. Prior to forming Zephyr Associates, Steve was a co-founder of Balch, Hardy, Scheinman and Winston, a money management firm. During the firm’s 21-year history, it pioneered the use of quantitative stock and option strategies for large tax-exempt funds. Mr. Hardy began his investment career with Dean Witter in 1968, where he became a vice president. He graduated from Whittier College with a degree in business administration.

Steve has been a lifelong libertarian, a benefactor and Club 200 member of the Cato Institute, a contributor to the Friedman Foundation and a number of other free-market think tanks.

He sold Zephyr Associates in 2007. He spends his time managing his personal investments and pursuing his creative interests, designing and making furniture and contemporary art work. He lives in Zephyr Cove, Nevada, with his wife, Lana Hardy.