Still fighting for liberty in Massachusetts

Patrick Gibbons

Nevada, unlike Massachusetts, is a right-to-work state, meaning it’s much easier to get a job here without joining a union. When Maj. Stephen L. Godin, a retired U.S. Marine teaching Naval Science (Navy JROTC) at North High in Worcester, Mass., was told he had to pay dues to the local teacher union, he refused.

Fortunately, Governor Deval Patrick signed a bill in response to Godin’s actions that allows all JROTC teachers in the state to avoid paying union dues. Politicians in Massachusetts passed the bill because the U.S. military pays for half of JROTC salaries and already covers medical and dental insurance expenses.

But here’s another good reason for it: Forcing people to pay dues to an organization that spends most of its time engaging in political lobbying on one-sided issues that have very little to do with education is objectionable and morally equivalent to theft.