Still free to make fun

Patrick Gibbons

Election time often brings out the worst in America. Among the mudslinging, the spin doctoring and the dead rising up from the graves to vote each year lies the sobering reality that whichever party controls the government will literally find themselves in control of trillions of dollars and how to spend them. Stuck in the middle are the American taxpayers, the consumers and the voters, who, whether they realize it or not, are being stuck with a hefty tab year after year.

Maybe it is our own fault.  After all, politicians keep making big promises on how they'll make our lives better by spending for this new program or that new program, and we voters keep buying it.

We complain about food prices being too high but never ask the U.S. government to cut the billions in subsidies and tariffs on food products.

We complain about energy prices being too high, but politicians restrict the energy industry with burdensome regulations.

We complain about jobs going overseas but never really wonder about America's corporate income tax rate, which is 50 percent higher than the industrialized world average.

We complain about health insurance being too expensive but never question the government on why it prevents us from buying out-of-state insurance policies.

We complain about housing prices and higher education costs but never really take the time to observe how each time the government tries to relieve us, the price shoots up even more.

As sad as the situation is, we still have the freedom to make fun of it all. So here is a toast to the loony, zany, crooked, mudslinging American election process, which will soon bring us four more years of complaints and little progress.  Enjoy this cartoon musical from Jib Jab.