Story from NPRI’s Nevada Journal picked up by Drudge, Rush, Fox News, Hot Air, Bill O’Reilly

Victor Joecks

Remember the Nevada Journal story I highlighted yesterday, which described how the solar plant President Obama spoke at Wednesday employed only five workers, after taking $54 million in taxpayer subsidies?

Government waste that outrageous isn’t just news in Nevada – it’s newsworthy all over the country.

First, several major political sites, including Hot Air,, Gateway Pundit, and Bill O’Reilly, linked to the Nevada Journal story.

Next, Drudge linked to the story, and I must say, it’s a blast watching your traffic after a Drudge Report link!

Then, on his radio show this morning, Rush Limbaugh read part of the article on his show and linked to NPRI’s report on his site.

Of course, I’m excited, nay thrilled, about the traffic and exposure for NPRI and our publication, Nevada Journal, but I’m even more excited about two things.

First, it’s great to add another bit of evidence that exposes the myth and lies surrounding “green energy” and “green jobs.”

As NPRI President Andy Matthews said, “President Obama’s visit to the Solar 1 Facility in Boulder City is the perfect illustration of why the president’s economic policies are such a failure. The government has spent over $50 million to ‘create’ five permanent jobs and build a plant producing a product – expensive solar energy – that no one would purchase without a government mandate.

“That’s not a path to a vibrant economy; it’s the road to serfdom. This mindset – of government attempting to pick winners and losers in the economy through subsidies and regulation – is a major reason why the national unemployment rate is at 8.3 percent, Nevada’s unemployment rate is 12.7 percent and the national debt is over $15.5 trillion.”

Second, this is a very tangible way to show NPRI’s friends and supporters that your work and contributions are making a big difference, not just here in Nevada – but around the country! NPRI doesn’t exist with our supporters, and without our supporters, this story wouldn’t have become part of the national dialogue. You are making a difference. Thank you!