1998 Washoe County School Bond

Executive Summary

"Would that I could discover truth as easily as I can uncover falsehood."

Although attributed to Cicero, the above quote could as easily be applied to citizens of Washoe County and Incline Village who are seeking facts surrounding the need for another school bond requested by the Washoe County School Board (WCSB). In an attempt to independently analyze the need, NPRI examined the population statistics of each elementary school and high school in the district. These figures were then subjected to the current rules for multi-tracking adopted in 1997 by the same school board. Our findings confirm that the present bond proposal is based on two false premises:

  • First, the need for a new elementary school is grossly overstated when the adopted Multi-Track policy is taken into account.

  • Second, the projected Washoe county growth rate is overstated in light of new information from the state demographer.

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