Class Size Reduction

Reducing class size is a persistently seductive idea. It just "seems" as if it should be advantageous to everyone: to the students who would garner more teacher time, to the… Read More

Plato Knew

Although school reformers have not gone so far as attempting to reach the Platonic ideal student-teacher ratio of one to one, tutor to pupil, they have been enthusiastic advocates of… Read More

Competitive Contracting for School Support Services

Saving money without compromising services ought to be a chief concern of school administrators. To help channel more resources into instructional programs, school administrators are increasingly turning to the efficiencies… Read More

1998 Washoe County School Bond

"Would that I could discover truth as easily as I can uncover falsehood."Although attributed to Cicero, the above quote could as easily be applied to citizens of Washoe County and… Read More