The $200,000-a-year classroom teacher

Big ideas can change the course of history. For Nevada public education, the time has come for a big idea: the $200,000-a-year classroom teacher. Teaching talent commensurate with pay of… Read More

RPS: A Recipe for Economic Decline

Executive Summary In 1997, Nevada policymakers amended state law regulating public utilities — NRS Chapter 704 — to implement a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). Under that standard, NV Energy (formerly… Read More

The Path to Sustainable Prosperity

If Nevada really wants a robust and flourishing economy, it needs to streamline state and local regulations, reduce and eliminate state and local licensing fees and filing requirements, ease… Read More

The Nevada Piglet Book 2012

When the government controls society’s resources, it becomes about who you know, not what you know. As resources are politicized, they get doled out to those with political pull… Read More