Solutions for Nevada: Worker Freedom

Executive Summary

Organized labor’s disproportionate influence over Nevada state politics has resulted in a patchwork of laws and policies which put the interests of government-sector unions over the constitutional rights of individual workers.

Accordingly, this report is intended as a primer to educate lawmakers on six specific collective bargaining reforms — each intended to empower individual workers or reduce the degree to which state laws defer to special-interest labor groups — which can be implemented at the state level with majority legislative support:

  1. Transparency in government-union collective bargaining;
  2. Prohibition on so-called “opt-out periods” that restrict when dues-paying members are permitted to withdraw from their union;
  3. Prohibition on taxpayer-subsidized “union leave time”;
  4. Worker’s Choice in Representation;
  5. Mandating decertification for government unions lacking majority support; and
  6. Periodic recertification of government unions.

Where applicable, February 2020 statewide polling results of likely voters will be included to demonstrate current (majority) levels of public support for each specific reform.

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