Stunning video: Reid says “private sector jobs have been doing just fine”

Victor Joecks

And he said that today. October 19, 2011. On the Senate floor.

I’m not sure what state Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid is from, but it must not have a 13.4 percent unemployment rate.

Wait, he’s Nevada’s senior senator? What is he saying?

Honestly, I have no idea.

The level of falsehood in that statement is stunning. As James Sherk of the Heritage Foundation notes:

While the recent decline in government employment has attracted attention, government employees have fared far better than private-sector workers in the recession. The unemployment rate of government employees is just 4.7 percent, the lowest rate of any industry. [Emphasis added]

Maybe Reid’s speech was written by the same people who thought the first stimulus would keep the national unemployment rate under 8 percent. That didn’t work out so well. Under Reid and Obama’s failed stimulus, the country spent $862 billion and ended up with the unemployment rate peaking at 10.2 percent.