Talk on Nevada: Straight talk on Nevada’s budget situation

Victor Joecks

Talk on Nevada host Andy Matthews interviews Geoffrey Lawrence, NPRI’s fiscal policy analyst, on Nevada’s budget situation. Geoffrey is the author of Nevada’s Freedom Budget: 2009-2011, which would fund priorities, eliminate waste and save Nevada over $1.7 billion compared to the legislature’s budget.

Andy and Geoffrey also talk about legislature’s proposed job-killing, record-setting, billion dollar tax increase, but the details are continually changing.

Anjeanette Damon of Inside Nevada Politics reports that the total tax increase will be $781.2 million.

-Sales tax increase of 0.35 percent: $280 million
-Tiered Modified Business Tax rate: $346 million
-Doubling of the business license fee: $61 million
-Changes to governmental services tax on vehicles: $94 million