Teacher recruitment

Patrick Gibbons

Dr. Jay P Greene, an education research professor at the University of Arkansas, makes an excellent point about teacher recruitment.

“If we make an appeal to prospective teachers at all,” he notes, “it is usually akin to an appeal to enter the priesthood. You’ll make the world a better place, we say. We almost never say, “And you’ll do well for yourself while doing well for others.”

The observation is valid. Other colleges within the university point to the wonderful jobs a student may move into after graduation. They highlight the pay, benefits and opportunities. But in the realm of education, it is all about sacrifice and working for others. How appealing is that?

Dr. Greene points out that teachers make pretty good wages, have high job security, and excellent benefits. While there are serious problems with the teacher pay schedule – ignoring individual excellence, for example – prospective teachers should be told they have a chance to make a good living while helping students succeed in life.

Read his comments here.