Terms of proposed contract for CCSD Superintendent Dwight Jones revealed; Updated with audio

Karen Gray

I spent this morning at Linda Young’s District C Village Meeting, where I learned information on the proposed terms of the contract for new Clark County School District Superintendent Dwight Jones.

Jones’ contract is on the agenda for tomorrow night’s Board of Trustees meeting and, to the best of my knowledge, the terms of his contract – aside from his initial salary of $270,000 a year – haven’t been reported anywhere else.

Young shared this morning that the Clark County School Board of Trustees was briefed on proposed terms of a contract with Jones. The five-year contract starting at $270,000 a year will be subject to annual renewals. His contract would contain several perks, including $15,000 in moving expenses, a $700-a-month car allowance plus mileage (typically 50 cents a mile), and seven more vacation days than other administrators. If Jones’ contract is not renewed by CCSD, the contract provides for one year in salary and benefits severance pay.

I’m concerned about the contract length. Nevada law states that an initial contract for a superintendent cannot exceed four years. I’m not legal counsel for CCSD, but I have questions.

Trustee Young should get credit for transparency and openness in this matter. I had previously contacted school board staff to get background materials on the contract that will be discussed tomorrow night, and they had told me that there weren’t any. Hmmmmmmmm.

Check out the Parents’ Sounding Board later today for a full report on Linda Young’s Village Meeting.

Update: Audio of Trustee Young discussing the contract is here and my full Off-the-Cuff report is online as well.