The best part of the 2009 Legislative Session: TEA parties

Victor Joecks

In Las Vegas, we partied with a few thousand on tax day. In Carson City, the Tax Day TEA Party was the largest rally ever on the Capitol steps. And there was more. Organized by Anger is Brewing, more than 700 people rallied again last Friday.

Gov. Gibbons and several legislators spoke at the rally. Here’s a video of Assemblyman Chad Christensen’s speech to the rally. It includes a great line of speculation on why legislators keep spending other people’s money:

Here’s Assemblyman Ed Goedhart’s speech:

Did you know that Assemblyman Goedhart has a blog, Nevada Straight Talk? Worth keeping an eye on with your RSS feed.

Do you know any other legislators who keep blogs?

It was great to see so many citizens TEA’d up. I hope it continues.

(Thanks to Todd Taxpayer for the video)