The dark side of progressive history

Patrick Gibbons

*Learn It!

America’s history is far from perfect. There have been many instances where American policymakers (on all sides), businessmen, community activists, sport stars and religious leaders have tarnished our history by committing evil acts against other human beings. We need to remember our darker side so we can better understand how we got here. More importantly, we need to remember the darker side of American history so we know where to go from here.

Unfortunately, The left-wing Center for American Progress released a report titled “The Progressive Traditions in American Politics,” a fairy-tale re-imagining of progressive history. Painfully absent from the report are the stories of racism, sexism, eugenics and forced sterilization that were supported and even popularized by progressives. Oh, and don’t forget about a fondness for fascist, authoritarian Europeans and autocratic monsters.

Damon Root at the Reason Foundation covers the Dark Side of progressive history over at Reason’s Blog, “Hit and Run.”