The good, the bad and the funny in CCSD

Victor Joecks

The Clark County School District released math test scores this week, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.

The good:

Middle and high school students made gains over last year on districtwide math tests but…

The bad:

failure rates still remain high, Clark County School District officials said today.

How high?

In pre-algebra, 36 percent of students passed the test compared to 21 percent last year, a change of 15 percentage points.

Algebra and Algebra II students made 6- to 7-percentage-point improvements, but their overall passing rate was 16 percent to 21 percent.

Thirty-six and 21 percent pass? Those percentages may work in baseball, but they shouldn't work when you're dealing with students' educations and lives. Children want us to fight for their future, remember?

And yes, there is a better way.

The funny:

Completely unrelated video clip.