The government vs. everyone else

Patrick Gibbons

Government workers have the safest jobs

Not only could Nevada fire 1,660 teachers (assuming no $83 million “teacher” bailout) and see no negative effects in student achievement, but teachers would still have a safer job than most of the private sector in Nevada. Of course, actual teachers make up less than half of all school district employee so why would the bailout magically save ONLY teacher jobs?

Oh, and it appears Democrats may be trying to pay for the teacher bailout by creaming money from the Food Stamps program. Yes, robbing poor hungry Americans to subsidize teachers who already earn incomes that are higher than the national average.

That is tragic, but this is comic: the Milwaukee teacher union is fighting to use the bailout money to get Viagra covered by their health insurance plan. A stimulus indeed.

Yes, the latest bailout is just another payoff from congressional Democrats to their local union buddies. HT: JPGB