The governor’s new, ambitious education agenda…

Andy Matthews

The Sun‘s got news coverage, and here’s an excerpt from NPRI’s official release:

“Today is a day of hope for Nevada’s children thanks to the governor’s proposed education reforms,” said NPRI analyst Patrick R. Gibbons. “For 50 years, Nevada education policy has misallocated spending to create union jobs, rather than educate our children. The results speak for themselves. While Nevada’s inflation-adjusted, per-pupil spending has nearly tripled over the past 50 years, student performance has been stagnant.

“If enacted, Gov. Gibbons’ proposals would amount to a win-win both for Nevada’s families, particularly those with low incomes, and for the state,” he added. “Under school-choice programs, parents have the freedom to remove their children from failing schools and select one that better fits each child’s unique needs and abilities. Additionally, all Nevadans would benefit by dropping budget-busting programs that fail to improve student achievement, such as collective bargaining, full-day kindergarten and class-size reduction.”