The Word: Who should create jobs?

Victor Joecks

It’s not the government’s job to create jobs

Here’s Rory Reid’s vision statement for Nevada. The job creation quote from the podcast is on page 19.

Here are some more reasons why job creation isn’t a job for Nevada’s politicians (or any politician).

First, job creation isn’t a job for the government, on any level. Second, every dollar the government spends takes money from the private sector-money that would have been used to create wealth and jobs. Third, let’s not forget about wasteful government spending.

Via The Corner, here’s a visual aid to help you think about the futility of government spending as an economic stimulus.

I remember an epiphany I had as a child, suffering a muggy South Louisiana summer. “Why,” I asked my mother, “can’t we just keep the refrigerator door open and then it will REALLY cool the house.” In her patient way, she showed me the back-side of the refrigerator, and had me touch the coils. “See how warm they are? The refrigerator takes the heat out of the air but has to dump it somewhere: the heat from the coils is where it goes. If you keep the door open, it will just move the heat right back into the same room.”

If Nevada politicians want jobs to actually be created, the best thing they can do is get out of the way.