Then and now: Speaker Buckley on stimulus funding

Victor Joecks

Speaker Barbara Buckley: Don't like what I'm saying? Wait 6 months and I'll contradict myself Don’t like what I’m saying? Not to worry.
Wait six months and I’ll contradict myself.

In March of 2009, Gov. Gibbons was considering declining some of the stimulus funds. Those funds would have created an unemployment program that wouldn’t sunset when the money ran out.

At the time, Speaker Buckley railed against Gibbons’ indecision.

“Why wouldn’t we want to get $77 million if it pays for itself for years, it gets the stimulus in the economy and we get relief for the unemployed?” Buckley asked last Wednesday.

Gibbons caved and accepted the funds. And no doubt we will be paying for this in a few years.

Fast forward to today’s Review-Journal and this comment from Speaker Buckley on Gibbons’ spending of the stimulus money.

[Speaker Buckley] noted that hiring the new employees will cause problems for the Legislature in 2011, since the stimulus funds will run out and there may be no money to continue their jobs.

Exactly. So why did you, Speaker Buckley, lead the effort to take the unemployment stimulus dollars, which will cause the exact same problem?

Speaker Buckley has a history of contradictions. In 2008 she spent months touring the state touting transparency and the need to eliminate Nevada’s boom-bust tax cycle. Once she got to Carson City, though, it was all secret meetings about raising taxes.