To pork or not to pork: That is the question

Patrick Gibbons

The Las Vegas Sun once again bemoans the fact that Nevada doesn’t get enough federal dollars. But the paper’s editors aren’t thinking too hard about the issue.

1) Federal dollars are about states suckling from the federal government’s proverbial teet, with states treated like little piglets to the federal sow.

2) Nevadans built an oasis in the desert, largly without the federal government’s help. We are one of the wealthiest states with one of the lowest poverty rates, no thanks to Uncle Sam. We don’t need Uncle Sam and, frankly, that money has always been peanuts, anyway.

3) Taking federal money means accepting dozens of costly strings that restrain OUR freedom to do things OUR way. It means we can’t innovate to solve OUR own problems. It means we have to solve problems with the most expensive, one-size-fits-all, government solutions from Washington, D.C.

4) This is nothing more than the federal government robbing Nevadans to pay everyone else. We shouldn’t be part of the problem by trying to rob from other states. Nevada should stand up to the federal bullies in court to get OUR money back to spend it how WE see fit.