Transparency Essential to Maintaining a Free Society

Shelby Fleshood

Keeping our leaders accountable is among the most foundational parts of our republic, and that accountability begins with ensuring that the public has access to the best information possible. That’s why we at Nevada Policy are so passionate about government transparency.

Keeping the public informed about how their hard-earned taxes are spent is essential to maintaining a free and fair society.

One of the best ways to promote transparency for the Battleborn State can be found at our website There, we house the state’s largest database of public pay information so that anyone can find out just how much our local leaders are being paid.

Over the course of the year, Transparent Nevada makes hundreds of records requests to state and local agencies to build a database containing billions of dollars in salary information.

The data we collect can be used to find out where the money is going and who, if anyone, is taking advantage of our public funds.

Armed with this information, we believe that anyone can become a champion for change. It is easy to feel intimidated by bureaucrats who have spent their entire careers working in government, but at Nevada Policy we know that anyone can make a difference.

This month, we are highlighting the very best of what Transparent Nevada has to offer, including some exciting additions to our site, and we want to offer you the chance to be a part of it.

Whether you have been a user of Transparent Nevada for years or are just finding out about it today, we invite you to become a part of our month of Nevada Transparency. Those of you interested in helping keep government accountable by donating to Transparent Nevada can do so here.

Shelby Fleshood

Shelby Fleshood

Communications Association - Public Relations

Shelby Fleshood is the Communications Associate – Public Relations for Nevada Policy Research Institute and has a passion for helping ensure his generation maintains the freedoms that make our nation great. Growing up in Florida, Shelby was often surprised in high school to see that the liberties that were so common in Florida, were not always prevalent in other parts of the country. This sparked a passion for activism that would last the rest of his life.

Shelby first became involved with Nevada Policy in the summer of 2020 as a Development Intern, working to help Nevada Policy navigate the changes brought on by the Covid-19 Pandemic. He spent that summer collaborating with his fellow interns on new fundraising projects to help ensure Nevada Policy was not crippled by the lockdowns caused by the virus.

In 2021, Shelby graduated from Florida State University after studying History and Economics. He supervises, guides and helps,, and their activist communities. Shelby also works with Nevada’s Open Records Coalition and open records activists to ensure that everyone has the ability to see all government records and documents. After all, government is supposed to work for us!