TransparentReno now has payroll data, continues to be a model other governments should emulate

Victor Joecks

Pop quiz. If you’re looking for payroll data for a city of Reno employee, what website should you go to?

While I’ll never tell you that TransparentNevada isn’t a great place to find that info, the payroll database launched this week by the city of Reno is another excellent source of info.

Reno’s database features year-to-date salary and benefits data (TransparentNevada has last year’s information), which, I believe, is going to be regularly updated throughout the year. TransparentReno’s salary data base also goes back to 2009, which is great. Another handy feature is the ability to export the data as an Excel or CSV file.

The one thing I’d like to see added is the ability to search by name without having to download an entire file or sort a huge list. That’s the most popular feature on TransparentNevada, and I think Reno’s citizens would appreciate that as well.

That said, TransparentReno continues to be a model for other cities and counties around Nevada.

Great job Reno!

As NPRI’s Steve Miller said in February, when Reno launched its online checkbook:

Congratulations to the city council and City Manager Andrew Clinger for opening up city finances to the average citizen, for their commitment to transparency and for setting an example that all other government bodies in Nevada should soon follow.