Treasurer’s office email

Karen Gray

Good afternoon ESA friends,

This is a quick note to update you on an email that some of you may have received from the treasurer’s office yesterday. 

The office was running a few system tests and emails were inadvertently sent out to some parents. If you did not get an email, don’t worry — not every application has been transferred to the system, so many parents who have sent in applications may not have received any email at all. 

Treasury staff is also still inputting the hardcopy applications received during 2016. The good thing to know, here, is that the treasurer’s office is moving forward, and working on the system. Yay!

As one more added precaution, you may want to check your junk or spam mailboxes if you didn’t see an email from “”. On the chance that you were one of the parents who received a test email, but it went into your junk or spam mailbox, you will want to fix your settings so future notices from the Treasurer actually go to your inbox.

One of the questions coming from parents who did receive the email has been “why did I only get one email when I submitted applications for 3 or 4 children?”

The treasurer’s office is working to make the system user friendly. Rather than having 4 different logins for 4 children, a parent will be able to access each child’s account with a single login. The goal is for parents to receive just one email, and one login, regardless of the number of applicants. If that’s what happened to you — yay — it worked.

If you haven’t received an email yet, don’t panic. The treasurer will be sending out emails to all parents at a later date.

Also of note, the treasurer’s office is still working to get the online enrollment opened.  According to the treasurer’s website, the prospective date for going live has moved to Monday, November 14. 

I know you are anxiously waiting. Please, bear with everyone as the Treasurer tries to bring this system out of hibernation.  Online enrollment will expedite the process — and best of all, online enrollment will give new applicants immediate confirmation that their application has been received!

Applications for this enrollment period run through December 31.  Although, the treasurer’s office is considering an extension given the delay in getting the enrollment period started.  I will let you know once there is final word. Remember, you will need to have your documents scanned to upload them during the application process.  If you need any help scanning documents, let me know.  I can scan them for you or send you to a location that is able to help.

To recap:

  • A test email was inadvertently sent out to some parents, and did not go out to every applicant, as the Treasurer is still inputting a large backlog of applications.
  • Account logins are being grouped by family so parents will have one login to gain access to their entire family’s account. This means that even if a parent submitted applications for three separate children, they will have only received a single test email from “” — if they received any email at all. 
  • Enrollment has been moved to Monday, November 14, and will be online. Once the link goes live, I will send you an email.

Finally, in honor of Veteran’s Day, the team would like to take a moment and express our deepest gratitude and thanks to all of our military members and their families.  Your service and sacrifice are much appreciated!  To all those who have previously served and fought for our freedom, you are treasured and we thank you.