‘Twas the Week Before Session

Andy Matthews

With the start of the 2011 Nevada Legislative Session just a week away – and with NPRI having just released its own blueprint for addressing the state's fiscal challenges – I thought I'd add something a bit on the lighter side to the raging debate. Enjoy:

'Twas the week before Session and all through the state
NPRI was plotting to make liberals irate
For Geoff at his keyboard and Steve with his pen
Had forged a new plan to send off to Carson

The data had all been compiled with care
With hopes that the hearing it would get would be fair
For though it could save the state billions in cash
The fear was that lawmakers would do something rash

There'd been talk of tax hikes, taking more from your check
For business owners and families, quite a pain in the neck
Couldn't the Left see the plain budget truth?
Had they not read Suprynowicz, Mitchell or Muth?

The size of the deficit had been oversold
Leaving small-government advocates out in the cold
Liberals planned fiscal havoc, the private sector to loot
And to leave education in shambles to boot

Yes those Leftists were scheming and making their case
Meandering, slandering and pandering to their base
From Reno to Vegas, we could hear their loud call
"If we don't raise your taxes, the sky will soon fall!"

"More spending we need," that's what Horsford did say
And Oceguera, too, at least twelve times a day
"It's all for the children, have you Righties no heart?"
It was clear they thought voters were not very smart

The case had to be made that spending should be cut
Lest Nevada's economy remain in its rut
Was it too much to ask, for that's how it seemed
That government be made to live within its means?

Voters searched frantically for someone to trust
To stave off this cycle of boom and then bust
For the Left was now plotting to trump Sandoval
And spend away, spend away, spend away all

For Nevadans it seemed it was time to despair
Unemployment would rise as the markets turned bear
To whom could they turn to expose the Left's lie?
And it was then that along came NPRI

Just as all were distressing, north, south, east and west
Those free-market champions proved up to the test
Their plan reined in spending, not a single new tax
Based not on crazed rhetoric, just plain, simple facts

They'd delivered a blueprint that could save our fair state
But the Session was looming – it would soon be too late
That free-market think tank still had much work to do
For hostile lawmakers numbered more than a few

As the Left's talking points grew still more absurd
It was now up to Victor to go spread the word
On Ralston, on Harris, on Manders, on Stock
In papers, on TV, on radio talk

So the stage has been set for a big budget battle
Will Nevada find itself up a creek with no paddle?
Or will our economy get back on its feet?
And will we rise to the challenges that we must meet?

Only time will tell how it all will play out
But 'twill be entertaining, of that there's no doubt
So a few final words as we prep for the fight
Happy Session to all! Now be sure to vote Right!