Unions KO’d in New York debate

Patrick Gibbons

Intelligence Squared held a debate on whether or not unions were to blame for our failing schools. On the pro union side were union bosses Randi Weingarten, Gary Smuts and Kate McLaughlin. On the other side were Stanford professor Terry Moe, former Secretary of Education Rod Paige, and Larry Sand an LA teacher and president of the California Teacher Empowerment Network.

Interestingly, the audience was polled before and after the debate. Before the debate 24% believed teacher unions were not to blame, 43% believed they were to blame, and 33% were undecided. By the end of the evening 25% believed the teacher unions were not to be blamed, 68% believed they were, and 7% remained undecided.

Read the transcript of the debate or visit Jay P. Greene’s blog for some choice quotes.