Victory for NPRI

Andy Matthews

Dear Friend:

We’ve made significant progress in our pursuit of justice for Pastor Victor Fuentes and the Solid Rock Church.

As you know, NPRI’s lawsuit, filed by our Center for Justice and Constitutional Litigation, seeks restoration of the church’s baptismal and recreational waters, declaratory and injunctive relief, takings compensation, and restitution from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for negligent actions by the agency that resulted in more than $86,000 in flood damage to the church’s property.

Last week, the chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada denied each and every attempt by the U.S. attorneys to dismiss all claims and all parties implicated by our suit.

This is an important and essential step forward in our suit and in our ongoing efforts to hold the federal government accountable for its actions.

As Joseph Becker, chief legal officer and director of CJCL, said, “We are gratified that the Court has rejected the government’s numerous motions to dismiss and is allowing our pursuit of justice for Pastor Fuentes to move forward. While the government is desperate to avoid accountability for its irresponsible and destructive actions, the time has now come for government and its officials to face the consequences of their actions.”

As a supporter of NPRI, I know you’re an ardent defender of individual liberty and property rights. We are grateful for your support, and through the Center for Justice we’ll continue to litigate when necessary to protect the fundamental rights of individuals as set forth in the state and federal constitutions.

More information about the case and NPRI’s Center for Justice and Constitutional Litigation can be found here:

The defendants’ Answer to our Complaint is expected by month’s end, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Thank you for your ongoing support, which has enabled us to take this vital step toward justice.


Andy Matthews