Video: Congresswoman says her constituents would love to wait in line for health coverage

Victor Joecks

And wait they will under Obamacare. As we’ve laid out before, the “Public Plan” is really just a Trojan horse for a socialized, single-payer system. And when you have a single-payer system – like Canada’s – you will wait and wait. And the waits in Canada have gotten worse, not better, over the years.

Canada’s excessive wait times are keeping treatment from patients who need it. The first chart compares “reasonable” and actual wait times in Canada. The second and third charts show how Canada’s “reasonable” and actual wait times have increased substantially from 1993 to 2008.

And just think: This decrease in service can be ours for only $1 trillion!

Congresswoman Porter may think her constituents would like to wait for health care, but she won’t be waiting with them.

(h/t NetRightNation and Washington Policy Blog)