Video: Did Sen. Reid hold an Astroturf rally outside his Clean Energy Summit?

Victor Joecks

You be the judge.

You can read more about Sen. Reid attacking health care protests as being as “phony” as Astroturf at Politics Daily.

No word yet if Sen. Reid will condemn any of the ralliers outside of his Clean Energy Summit. Or is it only “Astroturfing” if you disagree with Sen. Reid?

If I hear anything from the Senator or his office, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Now you might ask, what’s wrong with being organized and having signs and water at a rally?

Nothing, I think that just indicates good planning. People don’t just find out about events; someone has to tell them. Paying people to “work for health care reform” falls into a different category, but I don’t have any proof of that in this case.

But this video isn’t about what I think or what you think. It’s about what Sen. Reid said last week, what happened yesterday and Sen. Reid’s selective attacks.

For even more on Astroturfing check out Caleb Howe’s What’s faker than astroturf?