Video: Firefighters getting paid to workout

Victor Joecks

Firefighters in the Las Vegas area are grossly overpaid. The average Clark County firefighter made $129,476 last year. The average Las Vegas firefighter made $123,427 last year. The average Henderson firefighter made $115,963. And none of these salary numbers include the $30,000 – $50,000 benefits package each firefighter earns.

To justify these inflated salaries, firefighter union spokesman Ryan Beaman is often quoted as saying, “[T]he average pay for a firefighter in Clark County is $23.80 per hour and that is not unreasonable.”

It doesn’t sound unreasonable, until you realize that firefighters in Clark County work 24-hour shifts, which means they are paid to sleep, eat and workout – like the firefighters in the video below.

Yep, those firefighters are on the clock. And this isn’t a rare occurrence. I’ve seen them at that 24-Hour Fitness many times before.

I don’t mind that firefighters work 24-hour shifts or get paid to workout while on those shifts. What I do mind is Beaman attempting to mislead the public by pretending a firefighter’s hourly rate is comparably to the general public’s.

Fortunately, the public is getting wise to how firefighters are ripping off Clark County taxpayers.