Video: Health rationing is your patriotic duty

Victor Joecks

At least it will be if Congress passes the “Trojan-horse-for-socialized-medicine” public plan. Costs, like with everything else government touches, will skyrocket, and the government will contain costs by rationing health care. Just like it does in Britain and Canada. And politicians will probably start using rhetoric like this to try to guilt you into accepting long waiting times for care.

Be sure to check out the companion website for more.

Congrats to our friends at the Sam Adams Alliance for a clever video. The scary thing is some people openly want government rationing to become reality.

For another clever video on Obama’s health care scheme check out Obama-care explained at Elizabeth Crum’s blog.

Exit question for those of you who click over to E!’s post: Is she calling NPRI and Write on Nevada boring?

(h/t Hotair)