Video Proof

Patrick Gibbons

Earlier this week Obama administration official Linda Douglass put a video up on the White House blog that aims to prove that President Obama never said he supports a single-payer health care system, as other video footage has suggested.

Her evidence is a couple of clips in which Obama says that those who like their current health insurance coverage will get to keep it. Nowhere – repeat, nowhere – in either of the clips that Douglass shows us does Obama say that he supports a single-payer system.

Now, the Nevada Policy Research Institute has uncovered even more evidence that those who are claiming Obama has said he supports a single-payer system are simply engaging in a despicable smear campaign. In the video below, Obama makes no mention whatsoever of supporting a single-payer system. This means, clearly, that Obama never, ever said anything about wanting a single-payer system, and any video that surfaces that seems to suggest otherwise must be a figment of our imagination.