Video: Sen. Kieckhefer promises not to vote to renew ‘sunset’ taxes

Victor Joecks

This video clip is from the April 20, 2010 edition of “Nevada Newsmakers,” which featured a debate among the Republican candidates for Senate District 4.

In the video, then-candidate Ben Kieckhefer says he’s against higher taxes and explicitly states he will not vote for renewing the “sunset” taxes.

After Gov. Brian Sandoval broke his no-new-tax promise by agreeing to renew the “sunset” taxes, some political pundits have reported that Sen. Kieckhefer will vote for the higher taxes and the budget deal.

I don’t know how Sen. Keickhefer will vote.

What I do know is that in 2010, he promised his constituents that he would not vote to renew the sunset taxes.

Will he keep or break his word? We’ll know in just a few days.

Bonus: Here’s a Kieckhefer campaign advertisement. That first bullet point reads “Lower taxes, less spending.”