Watch out for the robots

Patrick Gibbons

A recent Las Vegas Sun article noted something interesting about this past election:

In previous elections, the teachers union relied on volunteer phone banks to spread the word on its endorsements. This time around, Executive Director John Jasonek invested in equipment that can make 75,000 "robo-calls" every 12 hours.

So let's get this straight:  The teacher union was outsourcing its jobs to – robots?

Some people complain about illegal immigrants taking their jobs, and others complain about foreigners taking American jobs.  But no one ever complains about robots taking their jobs.

Maybe that's because the Luddites have been proven so ridiculously wrong so often that people are just too embarrassed to say, "That robot took my job!"

One day, hopefully soon, we'll all realize how much time we've wasted worrying about "outsourcing."