Watch this: Daily Show destroys UFCW of Nevada

Victor Joecks

The Daily Show did a hilarious segment last night exposing the hypocrisy of the United Food and Commercial Workers of Nevada.
What did the UFCW do? It hired non-union workers to protest Wal-Mart’s opposition to unions.

This segment is unbelievably funny — especially watching the union spokesman being confronted with his own hypocrisy. Watch this and then pass it on.

Click the image to watch. Sorry I couldn’t embed the clip, but trust me this is worth clicking to watch.

So funny to hear the union official being interviewed start defending hiring minimum-wage workers, because they’re doing the best they can with limited resources. Sounds like this union official knows why we can’t raise the minimum wage to $100 an hour.
Just another example of liberal hypocrisy.