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Andy Matthews

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Just over two weeks ago, I told you about the 90-second video NPRI released that exposes the lie perpetuated by margin-tax supporters that only big business and corporations will pay the tax if it passes next week.

In her own words, a young mother describes what worries her about the margin tax. In short, if voters pass the job-killing margin tax, she could lose her job and lose her ability to provide for her family.

You and I also discussed how to make sure as many voters as possible saw this video and heard its powerful message. Using Youtube ads, we could target this video to mothers throughout Nevada.

And in that short time — thanks to your generous support — over 30,000 Nevadans have seen it. This means that 29,000 people — most of them female voters — are better informed about the most important measure on this year’s ballot.

In the last two weeks, we’ve also been able to drop our costs per view to under 25 cents a person. That means your immediate donation of $3, $33, $333 or even $3,333 will help us make sure this video is seen by 12, 132, 1332 or even 13,332 more voters.

Until next time,

Andy Matthews
NPRI President

P.S. If early voting is any indication, voter turnout will be at a record low this year. This means it’s more important than ever that each voter be an educated one.

Will you help our powerful video reach even more voters by donating $3, $33, $333 or even $3,333 right now? Your investment will help our video reach 12, 132, 1332 or even 13,332 more voters.

Thank you. 

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