What an incredible week for school choice!

Sharon Rossie

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What an incredible week for school choice!

Over 2,000 students, parents and educators showed up to a rally supporting school choice on Tuesday, underscoring the fact that parents in the Silver State are hungry for education reform.

I was so pleased to see the support and enthusiasm that parents and serious educators have for the cause of greater freedom and improved education for Nevada’s future generations. The state’s Education Savings Accounts might still be on hold, thanks to an injunction issued earlier this month, but the support for choice in education is clearly on the rise.

As national trailblazers for educational reform, we advocates for Nevada’s ESAs have a lot of work cut out for us in 2016. The overwhelming support I receive on a daily basis for the nation’s most inclusive school choice program, however, gives me confidence that our efforts to provide children with expanded opportunity will be a great success.

After all, choice in education isn’t about teacher unions, or public schools or special interests — it is about empowering students, parents and educators.

Ultimately, parents of all political persuasions want our children to succeed. School choice, at its core, is focused on giving our children the resources necessary to tap into opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach. By giving concerned parents control over their children’s education, and by freeing families from the monopoly of failing government schools, we can democratize opportunity for children throughout the Silver State.

And that’s what this last week — National School Choice Week — was all about. It was a celebration of education reform that focused on families rather than educational bureaucracies. That, more than anything, explains the broad support pro-choice reforms have received — not just in Nevada, but nationwide.

On Tuesday, during the school choice rally, we launched an online petition in which parents can show support for Nevada’s Education Savings Accounts. So far, the results have been impressive. Within just a few days, more than 400 people have signed, and shared, the petition to save Nevada’s ESAs.

I strongly encourage you to take just a couple of minutes and do the same, by visiting NevadaESA.com/LetOurChildrenSucceed.

I’m anxious to see what comes next in the fight to save Nevada’s innovative education reform. Judging by the excitement we’ve seen in the last week for school choice, I think good things are in store for Nevada’s younger generations.

Warm regards,

Sharon J. Rossie
NPRI President

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