What have you ‘created or saved’ recently?

Victor Joecks

The Obama administration is so proud of the 150,000 jobs it has already “created or saved” with the stimulus bill that it has announced it is going to speed up stimulus spending to “create or save” 600,000 new jobs in the next 100 days. At a time when the national unemployment rate has skyrocketed to 9.4 percent, you’d think the media would laugh this claim off in a heartbeat. But you’d be wrong.

Forgetting the obvious media bias revealed in this case, the real question becomes: What have you “created or saved” recently?

Personally, I have “created or saved” enough carbon offsets to solve global warming (if it actually existed).


Well, I didn’t leave my car running while I was at work today. I’ve decided not to try to burn down the Sequoia National Forest and the Amazon Rainforest. I’ve also decided not to open 1,000 coal-fired power plants in my backyard. Hey, that’s a lot of restraint given that everybody else is doing it. I’m also encouraging all the liberals I know to join the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. (That’s a joke, of course, but incredibly, the website isn’t.)

I’d keep going, but I don’t want Al Gore to read this and feel compelled to give me a hug or invite me over to his high-energy-use house. I think the title Sir Victor Joecks, Slayer of Global Warming (Hysteria) and Befriender of All that is Right with Humanity would be reward enough.

Sure, I’m making things up. But so is the Obama administration. And since facts aren’t stopping anyone anymore, I’ll ask again: What have you “saved or created” lately?