What will they try and tax next?

Victor Joecks

In response to the over-hyped budget shortfall, State Sen. Bob Coffin has come up with an "innovative" proposal to raise taxes.

The Las Vegas Sun reports:

State Sen. Bob Coffin said Tuesday he would be willing to grant a hearing on proposals to legalize and regulate prostitution in Las Vegas and other urban areas of the state where it's illegal.


"I'd be happy to listen to arguments for legalization anytime," Coffin said. "In the meantime, I know we have to get some money from the world's oldest profession."

It doesn't matter if you're for or against legalized prostitution; the philosophy of legalizing something just to tax it is backwards.

If something should be legal, it should be allowed on its merits. If something shouldn't be legal, collecting tax revenue on it doesn't make it something worth legalizing.

Sen. Coffin's willingness to think outside the box when it comes to addressing our budget challenges is worthy of some appreciation. Too bad his creative efforts are directed toward creating new taxes rather than identifying ways to make government more efficient  and save taxpayer dollars.