Where to get election results

Victor Joecks

Election season is an interesting time in the think tank world. Obviously, elections are dominating the political landscape and everyone’s attention, but as a non-profit research organization, the Nevada Policy Research Institute can’t endorse, support or oppose any candidate or ballot measure.

This is why Write on Nevada hasn’t been providing predictions on the elections and has only referred to the campaigns in passing.

But as the elections are obviously huge news, I wanted to provide you with a list of sites to get the latest breaking election results.

SilverState2010.com: This is the secretary of state’s site that will have results from the local and state races across Nevada.

Here are the election-results pages of Nevada’s counties. The results for smaller counties can be viewed at SilverState2010.com.

Clark County
Douglas County
Elko County
Washoe County

And what are elections without pundits? Here is where you can catch some of Nevada’s top political personalities and reporting.

Elizabeth Crum at Battle ’10
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Las Vegas Sun
Reno Gazette-Journal
Jon Ralston on Twitter
Casey and Heather of KDOX
Heidi Harris and KDWN
News page at KXNT

I know there are many more pundits out there, so if I didn’t include your favorite, be sure to add them in the comments. Also if you’re feeling bold – make a prediction. We’ll see how accurate you were tomorrow.